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Leon Alexander is President of Eurisko, a comprehensive design, consulting and distribution source serving the
 salon and spa industry. His educational background includes acquiring a PhD in Behavioral Psychology in London.

​He has designed and presented a wide range of educational courses for the beauty industry, including How Customers Think, The Ultimate Consumer Experience, Strategic Thinking, Creative and Lateral Thinking, Body Language, and Environmental Psychology. 

Madelyn Alexander has been a professional photographer for 30 years.  She taught Graphic Design and Photography. 
When you begin to design furniture without preconceptions, the result can be startling, beautiful, brilliant and sustainable.

This is the power of enlightened design. A clarity of vision that completely rewrites the definition of form and function and personifies the epitome of art expressed in the form of salon furniture.

Eurisko understands that design is the #1 determinant that emotionally affects a specific environment and as a result, creates the desired mood for the consumer.
The beauty industry is changing at a pace that requires decision-makers to constantly review and appraise their enterprise. Today's business initiatives become tomorrow's minimum standards with increasing rapidity.

When consumers enter a Eurisko designed space, they enter 'The Ultimate Consumer Experience.' 

Eurisko has designed furniture to embrace the needs of the salon and spa professional. Eurisko believes in planning for success and designs furniture accordingly.

Eurisko has applied the best-proven retail and service practices to maximize the potential of your business and position your salon as an image pioneer of the industry.

Eurisko design for your image and profit!
                                Creative Director