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Euston Double Station SS LM
Euston Styling Station WH LQEuston Styling Station BKEuston Double Station SS LMEuston Single Station BKEuston Wall Station WH LQ

Euston Styling Station

Euston Styling Station


  • Double, Single or Wall Station Stainless, Lacquered or Laminate Frame
  • Stainless or Glass Shelf Option
  • Multiple Storage Areas
  • Pull Out Scissor Tray
  • Comprehensive Tool Holders

34″ W x 81″H x 18″ D  Double

34″ W x 81″H x 18″ D  Single

34″ W x 69″H x 18″ D  Wall


Product Description

Euston Styling Station


Euston Styling Station is available in Double, Single or Wall Station. Stainless, Lacquered or Laminate Frame. Stainless or Glass Shelf Option. With multiple storage areas. A pull out scissor tray keeps everything organized, with comprehensive tool holders.